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Classes, Events, Groups

Explore your options for learning in collaboration with others who are asking profound questions

Classes & Groups are a rich source of mutual learning.

Members bring their own unique combination of experience, skills, knowledge, talent and cultural perspectives

to one another, which inform and expand the collective consciousness of the group as a whole.

The Ground

of Being

Opening to Spacious Awareness

This class is an intermediate class for those individuals who can see how systems are interconnected and can identify leverage points to impact multiple systems simultaneously, and planet-wide for the good of future generations. Now you are ready to grow into a new level of awareness in which you release your reliance on your knowledge of complex systems as your base, and open to a spacious, groundless Ground of Being, also known as Concentration Without Support or Seed Samadhi in meditation terms or Construct Aware in adult development research.  This can be a challenging transition for some because this type of awareness is not mirrored by society as a whole. It requires opening to infinite perspectives and seeing the constructed nature of human meaning making, which results in a sense of freedom, spaciousness and sometimes a sense of groundlessness. As you open to this stage, your whole view of life is called into question and you begin to understand awareness of awareness as a new baseline.  This class supports those who are transitioning from the systems (Strategist) paradigm to a stabilized sense of spacious Awareness (early Construct Aware) as their primary vantage point.

If you are interested in joining this class and you are unsure about your readiness, please contact me. If I dont know you, I may require one paid private session or a StAGES Assessment to assess your readiness.  

If you live in a country in which the exchange rate and your circumstances make this class cost prohibitive and you'd like to join us, please contact me.

Class Size is limited to 22 students.


Please plan to attend all sessions for maximum benefit. However sessions will be recorded for those who have a random scheduling conflict. 

Class Meets On-line

 April 6 - May 18, 2018

In this class you will:
  • Learn to perceive and identify greater nuances in subtle energy and subtle boundaries.

  • ​Recognize and learn to release your habit of creating and getting caught in stories about your experience that ultimately are empty.

  • Learn the process by which the mind creates "reality" out of "nothing".

  • Practice stopping the mind and opening to vast awareness through breathing,  awareness practices & meditation.

  • Learn to "witness" or observe "what is" by not grasping or pushing away.

  • Receive guidance about how to navigate practical life concerns while allowing awareness to open.

  • Meet others of like mind who are working with similar developmental benchmarks.

  • Engage in mutual learning to help accelerate your growth.

  • Receive feedback specific to your unique questions and challenges.

Before registering please read and accept the preliminaries here.

Ground of Being



Advanced Practice

This group is for advanced practitioners with the following attributes:

  • You experience Awareness of Awareness as your baseline.

  • You can stop your thoughts at will.

  • You are comfortable navigating in the world of form with stabilized awareness.

  • You can translate your experience so that others are comfortable and feel understood.

  • You are formulating/allowing your unique combination of gifts to support the awakening of human consciousness worldwide (and beyond).

  • You have an intermediate or advanced capacity to identify subtle energy impressions and dissolve/shift energy, thought and emotion.

  • You experience Buddhism's Reverse Samadhi, Yogasutra's One Pointedness or Adult Development's Late Construct Aware through Late Universal/Unitive.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact me. If I dont know you, I may require one paid private session and/or a StAGES assessment to assess your readiness.

If you live in a country in which the exchange rate and your circumstances make this class cost prohibitive and you'd like to join us, please contact me.

Next Class meets On-line

Fall of 2018

Dates and Times to be Determined


Tuition: $375

In this class you will:

  • Embody the awareness of awareness and distribute it through the body.

  • Refine your skill at sensing subtle energy and naming it.

  • Perceive information through the body and larger field of awareness.

  • Clear subtle impressions.

  • Explore the way reality is co-created by all of existence simultaneously.

  • Practice dissolving the "self" into all.

  • Practice seeing the ways in which reality arises, co-relates and passes.

  • Meet other advanced practitioners to engage with and to learn from.

  • Find others with whom you can collaborate on meta-initiatives.

  • Have conversations you may not be able to have elsewhere.

  • Receive feedback specific to your unique questions and challenges

Before registering please read and accept the preliminaries here.


You may consider becoming a student of this work if you are willing to:

  1. Face, feel and accept anything you have avoided and/or clung to, and have the strength to release, heal and/or integrate past issues that prevent an open heart and clear seeing. 

  2. Learn to train yourself to manage and determine your own thought processes including learning to empty the mind of thought altogether.

  3. Perceive and resolve subtle energies and subtle impressions that continue to obstruct access to clear light awareness.

  4. Surrender to the passion and spirit that is both all pervasive and which moves you uniquely. Allow your divine passion to express as contribution to the world.

  5. Embrace a greater capacity to experience the self as both an infinite variety of expressions and as Awareness itself.  

This six session on-line class is open to anyone who has completed/received foundational personal growth and awareness training such as counseling, psychotherapy, coaching and/or meditation,

whether individually or in a group format and who is ready to take that learning to the next level of self awareness. Prerequisites are a degree of emotional intelligence, sensitivity to others and to the environment, a stable sense of self/mental health, a willingness to receive direct feedback and reflection, and a desire to move toward a greater level of freedom.  In Developmental terms you are likely late Achiever through early Strategist. In meditation terms you have some experience calming mental chatter, bringing yourself mindfully present, and can turn inward at will.  If you believe you meet these criteria, you are welcome to register without prior approval.

The class format consists of:

  • Teachings and meditations on individual and collective awareness

  • Exercises individually and in small groups

  • Large group discussion/questions

  • At home practices

Class meets On-line

Fall 2018

Days and times to be announced

Tuition: $375 (U.S.)


Please subscribe

for updates on upcoming

events and programs.

In this class you will:
  • Practice turning inward to identify physical sensations and nuanced emotions through the bodymind.

  • Gain knowledge and practice in sensing and identifying subtle energy.

  • Learn about subtle energy boundaries.

  • Gain practice in clearing the physical, emotional, and mental bodies of stagnant energy. 

  • Become aware of the layers of stories that populate and invade consciousness

  • Learn to bring awareness into the present moment to improve your life.

  • Learn to listen to your inner heart/voice.

  • Make better decisions that impact the trajectory of your future.

  • Become more aware of self, others and  the longer term future of humanity.

If you live in a country in which both the exchange rate and your circumstances make this class cost prohibitive and you'd like to join us, please contact me.

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