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 The StAGES Assessment Supports Intermediate to Later Stages of Adult Development and Awareness 


What is Stage Development?

Any healthy human has the capacity to develop their consciousness far beyond the norm if they only knew it were possible. Based on research, Stages is one of a number of frameworks that maps individual human consciousness development from birth through the most advanced stages of human awareness. Through an awareness of how your own current individual development and 

humanity's collective development evolve you can discover where you are on the path of human evolution and you can learn what next steps to take to further your growth and awakening.


Through the Stages assessment and framework, we assess the ways in which you perceive, make meaning and process information that you receive through your five senses, your subtle awareness, and potentially through an infinite field of spacious awareness. The more information you can perceive, the more nuances of both interior feelings/senses and outer complexities you can process through awareness in order to be more beneficial and responsive in your life, relationships, work and in ways that could transform human systems to help heal ourselves and the planet.  

Having assisted with the research and received certification to score and debrief this assessment, I have had an opportunity to see the ways in which having this information has supported the growth of hundreds of people. Take the assessment and then schedule a session​ with me, so I can debrief it with you. You can ask questions about development and I will give you practices based on your unique combination of development, experience, learning style, and personality type.  For more information on the model follow this link and for more on how to apply it to society visit the Resources page on this site and read the articles on stages of consciousness and development. 

Certified STAGES Assessment Practitioner Partner


I am certified by STAGES International to use the STAGES model of human development in my work with clients. I believe it is an excellent informative model that provides a detailed account of how people develop through their lives and through their engagement in the world.

The STAGES model of human development was created by Terri O’Fallon PhD based on more than 12 years of rigorous research, which is ongoing. STAGES Assessment is the survey tool through which an individual’s current level of development can be determined. I use the STAGES Assessments in my work with clients because it allows me to support clients effectively in their development.

To attain certification from STAGES International, I completed a rigorous course of training that included a period of supervision. I must also complete ongoing training requirements to maintain this certification. This rigorous process ensures that I have mastered the STAGES Assessment process. For more information about the STAGES model please visit the STAGES International website.

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