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Awakening Body, Mind & Spirit

Timeless Methods for Experiencing Infinite Freedom & Fullness

Healing & the Extraordinary Mind...

The Evolution of Consciousness Through the Body

Full awakening is an awakening that happens through the body and through everyday life. When we can relax through our entire body and sense into what have been unconscious, deeply held pockets of tension we finally can release, metabolize and integrate whatever arises into consciousness. This nuanced sensing brings more accurate perceiving of our own needs in each moment, as well as a greater capacity to feel a sense of oneness and empathy with everyone. With embodied awareness as a foundation we can then sense outwardly into the subtle energy field to perceive even more subtle information, clearly. And as we expand our awareness further, we realize that Awareness Itself is limitless and timeless. 


The process for arriving at this direct experience of self as vast Awareness generally requires foundational practices to prepare the ground for the journey.  Once these foundations are in place, the practitioner is ready for intermediate and advanced practices to support and further the awakening process. These intermediate and advanced practices are what I offer. If you are at a late structure stage of development/awareness and can see through the constructed nature of reality, I can work with you to stabilize these perspectives and experiences and work through any remnants of shadow or confusion that prevent greater happiness, ease and clarity. See what people say about these offerings.


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Healing & the Extraordinary Mind


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