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Clear Light  
February - April, 2024

A Metaware Practice Group

with Melissa Ransdell, Richard Harmer and Venita Ramirez


Embodiment, Awareness and Subtle Energy
January - June 2024

By invitation for late stage coaches & facilitators.

Please join us for one of our upcoming gatherings in 2023!


Clear Light is an on-line practice group for individuals at late stages of awareness.  The next group will be held February through April 2024. For more information visit

The facilitator training is by invitation and limited to twelve practitioners. Next one begins January 24, 2024 .

Learn more by clicking the links above.

“Among her unique gifts, Venita exercises a “unitary presence” of mind-body assessment.

She uses herself with restraint, empowerment and artistic deftness, including a marvelous sense of timing.”

 Eugene Kidder, M.Div. – Psychotherapist, Seattle, USA

I offer several classes and groups each year.  If you'd like to be notified about new and upcoming groups and classes, please subscribe here.

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