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Awareness from Subtle Energy to Clear Light

Observe and experience the embodied differences in individuals from late Strategist through Universal.

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Late Stage Practice Group

Body, Breath & Spirit

Meet others at later stages to explore, learn, share, practice, and evolve embodied spacious awareness. 

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Facilitating Embodied Consciousness

Join a small group to learn and practice the art of facilitating embodied awakening. For late stage coaches & facilitators.

Who May Attend

My current offerings are designed to support individuals at later stages of awareness because you have fewer resources available for growth and development. You may join the on-line class if you are at late 4.5/Strategist to Universal 6.0 in your development; and you may join the group if are entering 4.5 through 6.0.  The class will be focused around looking in more detail at the subtle nuances and lived experience of the stages of development.  The group will be more free-form and if there is enough interest I'll offer another one in the late winter/spring so that it can provide longer term support. If you are unsure of your stage and you are interested in joining the class or group contact me or take a stages assessment here. The facilitator training is a small intensive in-person and on-line program for late stage facilitators who would like to learn to combine breathwork, subtle energy awareness, psychotherapeutic interventions and stage development for their own evolution and to support transformation in their clients.  This is an advanced group for those with a background in psychotherapy, coaching and teaching. 

“Among her unique gifts, Venita exercises a “unitary presence”

of mind-body assessment. She uses herself with restraint, empowerment and artistic deftness,

including a marvelous sense of timing.”

 Eugene Kidder, M.Div. – Psychotherapist, Seattle, USA

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